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Our farming experience spans nearly half a century in the Napa Valley. We seek vineyard locations that possess the requirements for producing fruit of stature and consistency: a temperate climate of warm days and cool nights, porous alluvial, hillside, and mountain soils with balanced nutrient deposits, and ample degree-days to promote prolonged hangtime for optimal maturation.

Our Core Practices

Water Less: Dry farming, or as close to dry farming as environmentally possible, promotes a natural path to vine regulation and vigor control for optimal fruit yields.

Cover it Up: Cover crops, such as oats, vetch and winter peas planted along side seasonal mustard, provide organic matter and soil structure that promote root growth. They also provide a vibrant habitat for beneficial insects and birds that in turn create biological control against vine pests.

Commit No Evil: No weed is evil. Herbicide use of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Use the Slow Hand: Tending the vines by hand, as opposed to machine, is a family tradition and integral to growing fruit of the highest quality. A typical season will require no fewer than six passes for shoot and cluster thinning.

Be Cool: Optimal fruit health is best preserved by picking early in the morning, preferably just as dawn breaks. This assures the fruit comes in cool prior to hand-sorting and destemming.

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